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It might be hard to believe, but did you know that the federal government gives out hundreds of thousands of free government cell phones and free monthly cell phone minutes to Americans in need every single year?  Well, it is true!  This is no scam and there is no catch or gimmick.  Free means absolutely 100% free!  The cell phone is yours to keep and every month you will receive free cell phone minutes.

We are the leading authority on free government cell phone programs.  On this website you will find detailed information on the many regional and national cell phone carriers that take part in the government’s free cell phone program.  As well as, detailed eligibility information and step by step instructions to guide you through the process of getting and keeping your new cell phone for as long as you are eligible.

Free Cell Phones?!  You Have to be Kidding, Right?

The Lifeline Assistance and Link-Up programs are federally funded programs that provide free phones and free phone service to qualifying applicants.  Up until recently, only home landlines were available under these programs, but recent changes have allowed cell phone carriers to provide free cell phones and cell phone service to customers.

These free government cell phone programs are what conservatives refer to as the Obama Phone program, but these programs have been in existence long before the Obama administration ever took office and will continue to operate for a long time to come.

You may have come across websites on the internet where people have accused free government cell phone programs as being scams.  This is simply not true.  Any company is going to have unsatisfied customers.  It doesn’t matter what they sell or how long they have been in business.  Sadly, most satisfied customers never take the time to post their positive experiences online.  Dissatisfied customers usually feel like they have a bone to pick and will resort to sharing their reviews online.   The truth is that there are well over eight million Americans that are currently enrolled and satisfied with their government cell phone service.

Free government cell phone service is currently available in 40 states and the service is rapidly expanding into new states.  If you live in a state where free cell phone service is not available, you can still qualify for free land line service from your local telecom provider under the Lifeline and Link-Up programs.

A Free Cell Phone From the Government

Once you qualify for service, most cell phone carriers will give you a free modern cell phone.  Now you can’t expect to receive the latest and greatest Android super phone, but you will get a basic cell phone that most likely will have Bluetooth and possibly a camera.

Most customers receive a color LCD cell phone similar to the Kyocera JAX (popular on the Assurance Wireless network).  This is a basic candy bar style cell phone with color screen and Bluetooth.  Users can SMS and make voice calls from its easy to use interface.

In addition to the free cell phone, most customers can expect to receive anywhere from 60 voice minutes up to 250  voice minutes free each month (residents of some states receive 1,000 minutes!!!).  The number of minutes you receive will vary from state to state and will depend on which cell phone carrier you contract with.

Although 250 cell phone minutes does not seem like a lot of minutes, it should be enough to stay in contact with loved ones, potential employers, and for use in cases of emergencies.  For users who need more than 250 voice minutes a month, most cell phone carriers offer additional top up minutes for a small fee.

While some carriers offer free text messaging in their free basic plan, other carriers do not provide free text messaging and will charge users for each sent or received text message.

You can get free government cell phone service from a growing list of cell phone carriers who have contracted with the US Government to be Lifeline cell phone providers.  Most Lifeline cell phone carriers only operate in one or just a handful of states, but there are four large government cell phone carriers that provide service nationally.  The four largest Lifeline cell phone providers currently provide service in 39 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico and this list is growing rapidly.  So, there is an excellent chance that there is a carrier in your state that provides cell phone service.

Meet the Four National Free Cell Phone Carriers

The four largest government cell phone carriers are Assurance Wireless, Qlink Wireless, Reachout Wireless, and Safelink Wireless.  To learn more detailed information about these four national cell phone carriers or regional carriers, please visit each cell phone carriers page.

Assurance Wireless, a subsidiary of Virgin Mobile, is the fastest growing free government cell phone provider in America.  Assurance Wireless currently provides service in 31 states and the District of Columbia.  Assurance Wireless customers receive a free cell phone and up to 250 free cell phone minutes a month.

Qlink Wireless is the newest national Lifeline cell phone carrier.  We believe Qlink Wireless provides cell phone service in about 18 states at present time, but is aggressively expanding into new states.  Qlink Wireless customers receive 250 free cell phone minutes every month.

Reachout Wireless is the third largest national free cell phone carrier and currently offers free cell phone service in 18 states.  Reachout Wireless customers can choose a cell phone plan that offers anywhere between 68 minutes and 250 minutes a month.  Reachout Wireless also has an option that allows customers to upgrade the free phone they receive for an additional fee.  Customers can even opt for an iPhone 4 (for a much larger fee of course).

Safelink Wireless is the largest and oldest government cell phone provider.  Safelink Wireless is a subsidiary of Tracfone and currently offers service in 34 states.  Safelink Wireless has plans to introduce their service in additional 12 states in the near future.

In addition to the four national carriers above, there are close to a dozen regional Lifeline cell phone carriers that provide free cell phone service in anywhere from one state to three or four states.

We strongly recommend that you compare the offerings of all free cell phone providers in your state, so that you can make the best decision in choosing your free cell phone provider.

When choosing a free cell phone provider you should consider: the number of free minutes included in the basic plan, if text messaging is included, if the minutes and text messages rollover, the cost of top up minutes (this varies hugely!  Some carriers have very expensive top up minutes), the cost of extra text messages, the selection of cell phones, cell phone coverage in your area, and customer service.

Since eligibility for these programs is determined at the Federal and State level, the eligibility criteria from one cell phone carrier to the next will most likely be the same.

Do you want to learn more about free government cell phone programs?  Want to learn if you qualify for free cell phone service?  To learn how you can qualify for a free government cell phone, please click the link the link below:

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