Best Times to Hire a Las Vegas Escort



You just landed in Vegas and head to the strip to check into your hotel. The service at the counter is pleasant; you get to your room, unpack and decide to grab a bite to eat before heading out to enjoy the town. You plan to be around for 4 days and want to make the most of your time here. You don’t mind being alone but you wouldn’t mind some company. You have heard about Las Vegas Escorts from your friends back home, but never thought about hiring one. You finish your meal and go back to your room to take a shower and get ready to hit the town. The thought of getting a Las Vegas Escort still lingers in your mind and you decide to give it a try. Why not? You’re on vacation and deserve to spend it with good company.

You have never had a “type” when it comes to women so you contemplate about what kind of escort you would prefer. Possibly an Asian Escorts, or maybe an All Natural Escorts, or how about Blonde and Brunette Escorts? What about Runway Escorts? You can’t make up your mind so you decide to get a different one for each day you will be in Vegas.

Now you might be asking yourself “when are the best times to hire a Las Vegas Escort?” The short answer is ANYTIME. Las Vegas Escorts are amazing and I can tell you from experience. They turn what could be a boring lonely vacation into an interesting and exciting time.

Las Vegas Escorts are not just for the times when you are by yourself. My friends and I ended up taking a trip a few years ago and decided to get some escorts to accompany us. I prefer the Asian Escorts; my friends choose the All Natural Escorts, the Blonde and Brunette Escorts and the Runway Escorts. We had such an amazing time. Now every time I take a solo trip or with friends we always make sure we hire escorts to accompany us.

Let me paint a picture for you. You plan to make a 5 day trip to Vegas with your friends. You have made this trip every year for the past 10 years but this year you want to spice things up a bit. So you call a few Las Vegas Escort agencies and make a plan to have the escorts meet you at the airport to spend the entire time with you. You arrive and your escorts are waiting for you, you introduce yourself and let them know that you have made plans to all stay at the same location for the remainder of your trip. You all pile into a van that’s waiting for you and head to your destination. After settling in, you and your friends decide to hit the pool for a quick dip and some drinks. Your escorts change into their bathing suits and follow you to the pool. You get a table poolside and order your drinks, now your vacation has officially started.

After an hour or so enjoying the warm weather, drinks, conversation and soothing pool water it’s time to hit the casinos. You head back to the room to freshen up a bit and change cloths. You, your friends and your escorts now stroll to the casino where you play blackjack, craps and roulette. You end up winning a few hundred dollars and decide to treat the entire party to dinner and a show. The dinner consists or getting to know your escorts a little better, laughing and joking with your friends and possibly drinking too much. But it’s your vacation and you deserve to have a little fun. You overhear the escorts talking about how much fun they are having.

After dinner you’re off to see a magic show, you decide to see a magic show because the escorts love magic. After the show it’s starting to get late, but you decide to make one more stop before calling it a night. It’s off to the club. You enjoy a few more drinks, and dance the night away. You can’t believe that you are having such an amazing time. It feels like you have known the girls forever and are really hitting it off. What a great idea to hire a Las Vegas Escorts to accompany you on your journey. The clubs about to close and it’s late now so you hail a taxi and begin the short journey back to the rooms. A quick shower and it’s off to bed. You let your friends know that you may be sleeping in late tomorrow because you had a very long day. As you’re getting ready to close your eyes your escort whispers in your ear, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

So the next time you are wondering when are the best times to hire a Las Vegas Escort, just remember that there’s no real answer to this question. The right time is every time.

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